Hello, welcome here. All we speak here is network unlocking of Android and routers, but most especially routers. We will be sharing unlock tutorials or links in this section of our website. Anyone will be free to make a request or inquire to know about how to go about the unlocking of a particular device or router.

We will be providing both paid and free unlocking here. Our prices will be just token prices in order to help us keep up with the site maintenance and updates. As you all may know we are constantly in need of data connection and time...

Our supported devices.


We provide little as far as network unlocking in Android devices is concerned. Our unlocking for the later will those concern some of the following devices;
  1. Tecno, Alcatel, huawei, MTN and some other MTK Androids e.g MTN SMART L860.
  2. Samsung devices.


We will be mostly dealing with routers unlocking, and will be treating the following mark and models.

  • Huawei E177    Huawei E180    Huawei E181    Huawei E182
  • Huawei E166    Huawei E155    Huawei E156    Huawei E158
  • Huawei E160    Huawei E170    Huawei E161    Huawei E169
  • Huawei E188    Huawei E196    Huawei E216    Huawei E219
  • Huawei E220    Huawei E226    Huawei E22X   Huawei E230
  • Huawei E270    Huawei E271    Huawei E272    Huawei E303
  • Huawei E352    Huawei E353    Huawei E355    Huawei E367
  • Huawei E368    Huawei E369    Huawei E372    Huawei E392
  • Huawei E397    Huawei E398    Huawei E612    Huawei E618
  • Huawei E620    Huawei E630    Huawei E660    Huawei E800       
  • Huawei E870    Huawei E880    Huawei E968    Huawei E1550
  • Huawei E1551  Huawei E1552  Huawei E1553  Huawei E155X        
  • Huawei E156C           Huawei E156G              Huawei E156X
  • Huawei E1609            Huawei E160E              Huawei E160G
  • Huawei E1612            Huawei E1615               Huawei E1616
  • Huawei E1632           Huawei E166G               Huawei E1820           
  • Huawei E1823           Huawei E182E               Huawei E1831        
  • Huawei E1800           Huawei E1803               Huawei E180G      
  • Huawei E180S           Huawei E169G             Huawei E170G      
We do unlock various Alcatel router models like:
  1. All MW40 series pocket WiFi
  2. All Alcatel Y-series routers like the Alcatel OT- Y610, Y600,Y600D, ..
  3. Some ZTE like vodafone 4G M028T L02C.

Paid models.

We unlock most Alcatel and ZTE routers for a little token of $4, or 2000XAF local currency.

Free models

Unlocking of all Huawei usb dongles and WiFi boxes are done for free.

We also provide tools to enable you unlock your huaweirouter and some othe devices for free.